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Thomson Holidays Egypt holidays start from just £ per person for a night holiday in , staying at .

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Thomson Holidays EgyptEgypt is best known all over the world for the splendour of its ancient pyramids, and while these alone are worth packing your bags and flying here for, Egypt has so much more to offer holidaymakers. Immerse yourself in culture, history and life when you go to the Red Sea, region, the Nile or Egypt's Mediterranean coast.

For many holidays in Egypt are not complete without a visit to the Egypt Red Sea area. For many, "Red Sea" still evokes images of Moses raising his staff and separating the waters so that the Jews could escape the wrath of the Pharaoh. In modern times though, once you've been to the Red Sea coast, this image is replaced by views of never-ending stretches of white beaches and the bluest blue water. The Red Sea Coast is 800 kilometres long and is a haven of endless summer. It is well-loved by beach bums and divers alike. The rich diversity of fish life and corals make this a significant find for scuba diving enthusiasts. The bazaars are also good for a souvenir or two and make sure you are ready for a good haggle.
Egypt-Nile is a very popular destination for holidays in Egypt. Whether you fancy a cruise along the Nile on one of the many Nile cruises or wish to see the pyramids up close, this portion of Egypt surely holds great treasures for you.
Nothing quite compares to these pyramids in terms of historical significance. They speak of days long gone, a past that was both glorious and beautiful in as much as it was cruel and sad. Once you've drunk in the majesty of the pyramids, enjoy more of Egypt's panoramic views onboard a Nile cruise. You may also visit the bustling marketplace and bazaars for a real taste of local life. To see another side of Egypt, visit Luxor. Although it has its share of temples, Luxor is a modern city that was built right of the site of ancient Thebes, as if to say that Egypt is not only for artefacts and relics. The city erupts in activity. Check out the great Thomson hotels, the shopping and the fine dining restaurants boasting of local and international cuisine.

The Egypt-Mediterranean Coast calls out to travellers from all over the world with its clear, blue skies and serene seascape. Otherwise known as the northern coast of Egypt, this is also the site of the ancient city of Alexandria. Although much of the ancient city was damaged in the numerous wars it was involved in, the city still boasts of being the largest seaport in Egypt, serving about 80% of Egypt's importing and exporting activities. Sites of interest include the Roman monument "Pompey's Pillar", as well as the multi-level labyrinth of catacombs from ancient times - just a short distance southwest of the pillar. To date, archaeological diggings in Alexandria continue, and have revealed Alexandria's theatre and Roman-era baths.

Indeed, it is no surprise that Egypt still continues to fascinate travellers from the UK. All are invited to get lost in its sights and riches, both old and new. There are lots of options including family holidays as well as popular Egypt all inclusive holidays.

Thomson Holidays RedSea Thomson Holidays Red Sea Holidays

Thomson Holidays Red Sea sharm el sheikhThomson holidays to the Red Sea region include Thomson holidays Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, El Gouna, Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Marsa Alam, Nuweiba, Sahl Hasheesh, Taba and Taba Heights. Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular areas for visitors from the UK to visit. Sharm El Sheikh is well known for fun and sun with an ample supply of stylish hotels and also for it's diving and snorkeling opportunities. Hurghada holidays revolve around the beach and again offers great diving options and there are lots of great hotels to choose from alomg the beachfront. Hurghada also offers a great range of quality restaurants and good nightlife. If you want to chillout them try Marsa Alam a former fishing village that is still under developed enough for a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

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Thomson Holidays Nile Cruise Thomson Holidays Nile Cruises

Thomson holidays Nile Cruises are not just about sailing on the Nile. They offer you the chance to explore Egypt so you can marvel at the mysterious relics of the Pharaohs and enable you to immerse yourself in the culture and sights and sounds of a modern-day Egypt. The attraction of floating past magnificent scenery with a cool drink in hand and the sights themselves is a perfect combination for a fantastic holiday experience.

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Thomson Holidays All Inclusive holidays Thomson Holidays All Inclusive Egypt Holidays

Thomson holidays all inclusive Egypt offers a good choice for anyone looking to get an idea of the toatl holiday cost before they travel. Not only does all inclusive holidays offer most people this peace of mind but it is usually a great deal as well! All inclusive holidays generally include all your drinks (including alcoholic ones) all your food and your entertainment. Some hotels offer extra options so make sure you check to see what is included before you book. This way you will avoid any problems when you get on holiday.

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